Inside this special report… discover a NEW love formula that “re-programs your dating mindset” and automatically ATTRACTS the perfect relationship into your life… for you!

“Anna, will he ever come back to me or am I alone again?” Marie asked with a disappointed voice, and I felt like a complete fraud.

Revealed today: the 4 indicators that he's right for you... the 3 mistakes nearly all women make that push men away, make men lose interest and stop men from marrying you… AND how some women “manifest The One” into their lives… in 30 days or less.

PLUS: The 10 hidden chase-signals pushing men away, and why men are worse than dogs (unless “trained”).

I felt terrible breaking her heart into a million pieces...

...and having to give her such bad news. News she didn't want to hear.

But how could I tell her she's making a FOOL of herself?

How could I tell her that she stubbornly repeats the same 3 relationship-killing mistakes as if she couldn't learn a simple lesson,

And that if she continued using her flawed beliefs about men and relationships… she'd dig her love life into a HOLE so deep she'd never be able to recover.

She'd never be able to experience the kind of love and commitment she desires…

But why couldn't she learn a “simple lesson”? Ever since she was a little girl, she had been conditioned, or as I like to say, “programmed,” with all the wrong beliefs about men and relationships.

THIS was the REAL reason for all her past breakups, dating the wrong men, being played, lied to, cheated on and having her heart broken… over and over again.

It was the ONLY thing truly standing in her way from experiencing real love.

Only once that one problem was removed could she begin to attract “The One” and form a lasting relationship with the right man. Yes… a soulmate: a real man to share her life with.

But she was not aware of this, not at all.

And this same belief system was causing the emotional turmoil she was experiencing right now.

I was just serving as some sort of emergency fire brigade trying to save her from falling apart. But Marie was so crushed she didn't feel like being alive anymore. And that was the scariest part.

I felt scared and responsible. I didn't want her to feel this way, and I didn't want to let her down.

But how could I LIE to her?

She wanted to hear there is a solution for her, that there's good news for her relationship.

After all, this was the reason why she hired me to help…

I took a quick glance over her and her now ex-fiancé's birth charts, and I could immediately see exactly zero chances for their love or them getting back together. IT WAS OVER.

Astrology had no answer for her. At least not the answer she was hoping for.

Why give her false hope with the wrong guy?

Still, I couldn't help feeling like a fraud.

Here was a girl who had just paid $250 to hear that her fiancé was NOT coming back. And that the best thing she could do now was to pack her bags and move out of his apartment.

Worst of all, this was just a few years after she CAUGHT her first husband cheating on her only a few months after their “dream” wedding… Yes, they had barely dried their feet from a honeymoon in the Maldives, and she had to witness THEM with her own eyes.

Imagine explaining THAT to your friends and family…

It's crazy how a dream can turn into a NIGHTMARE overnight.

At least this time there was no wedding cake to cry over! But there was nothing funny about this. Not at all.

And while I often hear similar stories, for Marie it got even worse.


Even if she somehow survived the shock of yet another breakup… how on earth would she bounce back into today's ridiculous, “fast-food” dating scene?

How on earth would she regain her shattered self-confidence without losing her sanity and self-respect?

And how would she find a good man when what they've learned to expect are one-night Tindarellas?

It's crazy.

So when she asked me for a “synastry reading” (an astrology term for when two natal charts are compared and analyzed for compatibility), of course I was hesitant to blurt out the truth.

I didn't simply feel terrible for having to disappoint her, but worse: I felt like a fraud.

Being paid to send her back to that hellhole of a dating scene? Not fun.

But then again, what choice did she have… get a bunch of cats and spend the rest of her life alone?

I mean, I wanted her to be happy. But she had asked for the truth, and that's what I gave her. No sugarcoating.

She felt desperate — even consulting an Astrologer after stumbling into one of my guides about Gemini men.

Sure. I've helped many women “seal the deal” when their compatibility was workable. As it often is.

But not in Marie's case, unfortunately.

So I spilled the bad news, but would she recognize the good in it?

I had my doubts.

What do I tell this poor girl now? My mind kept racing.

You see…

There was nothing in particular wrong with her.

Marie was smart, pretty, good-hearted, had a promising career, and she even came from a good family.

There was nothing in her natal chart suggesting some negative personal characteristic. We all have our quirks, but nothing out of the ordinary here.

And she certainly wasn't alone in this, at least.

There seemed to be a worldwide EPIDEMIC of failed relationships, even with fine women who are in fact considered ‘relationship material’… women who men should be FIGHTING over tooth and nail.

Perhaps even waging LOVE WARS like for Helen of Troy.

But why did Marie keep bumping into guys who showed interest at first only to quickly pull away?

Men who played games…

Men who feared commitment like the plague… but then married some other woman in a flash?

Men who promised the moon, only to escape when that initial excitement faded into everyday life… then dropping her like a garbage bag in the rain.

Yet Marie was “already” 34 and felt like her best years were passing by…

I didn't agree. But how could I argue with her ‘evidence’?

Her friends were getting married left and right.

They were shopping for baby gear and living different lives, having different problems, exploring different interests…She and her best friends were growing apart…

And each year, she felt left behind as another friend invited her to a wedding.

Their wedding.

Of course she was happy for them as any good friend would be, but what was “wrong” with her?

Would she ever find true love, or was it simply not written in the stars for her?

And I knew exactly how she felt.

I felt the same way many years ago. It's tough. It's lonely. It's confusing. Above all — it's just not fair.

We've all been promised our Knight in Shining Armor to protect, love and romance us…

“Marie, the truth is, you won't be alone... but you probably won't be with this guy. And that's okay because he wasn't right for you anyway. This would have happened sooner or later, and it's good that it happened now.”


But what do I tell her now?

She doesn't want a pep talk. No.

She wants a SOLUTION.

She wants a man who will love her from head to toe, a man who will cherish her, listen to her, talk to her, praise her and appreciate her for who she is.

She doesn't want to change everything about herself just so he'll like her more. Hint: and maybe that's part of the reason these men run away… as soon as she puts her guard down.

She's sick of kissing frogs left and right hoping one of them will turn into a prince.

She wants a serious, committed relationship with a man who will make her laugh, who will make her feel safe, protected, loved and cared for.

She wants a real man who will really care.

She wants to stop worrying about love and start enjoying it instead. She wants certainty and control. She wants to feel complete, the yin and the yang, together.

She wants to show him off and feel proud that she's got such a fantastic man by her side, as her life partner. Always. A good man, in sickness and in health, a man she can share her life with.

All these things are racing through my head, but I'm not sure what to tell her or how to tell her without offending her.

You see…

There was nothing wrong with her… but there wasn't enough RIGHT with the way she thought about and behaved around men.

She attracted some men into her life, but she was terrible at keeping them.

Whenever they got too close, they backed out, lost interest or found someone else.

The truth is that our actions are a reflection of our beliefs. And every action has a certain, predictable reaction… a result, good or bad.

Unfortunately, she couldn't change her actions BEFORE she realized the mistakes her beliefs were creating in her love life.

I'll tell you what eventually happened to Marie in a minute, and also…

The 3 relationship-killing mistakes she kept repeating (over and over again), without even knowing it.

I bet you make these mistakes with men right now, too.

…but first I must clarify a thing or two.

I'm not sure how you bumped into this website.

Maybe a friend referred you to it or you read about it on some blog. Perhaps you stumbled onto it by pure luck… Maybe it's the Universe to “blame” that you are reading this right now, or perhaps you're here because of that guy in your life, new or old.

However you got here, there's one thing I know for sure: if you're seeking a committed relationship with a good, quality man, then this page is probably the most valuable website on the entire Internet!

Because what you're about to learn here has the power to change your love life forever. This I can promise: your love life will never be the same again if you read this page carefully right now to the very end.

You will discover a way to permanently change how men treat you.

So all your friends can be beyond jealous of how “lucky” you suddenly are, yet you alone will know your secret.

And I bet you'll probably keep it a secret, too. Because they'll be skeptical, and you'll feel a bit embarrassed to admit what finally broke the cycle. But wait until they beg for your advice and guidance.

Yes, I say this with total confidence and conviction because I have seen it with my own eyes… many, many times.

I hate to break it to you, but…

What You Think You Know About Men and Dating Is All Wrong. Relationships with Men Are “Rigged” Against You… That's Why SO Many Fail, and It's Harder Than Ever to Find a Good Match.

And I'm not saying this as some conspiracy theorist but as a woman, a sister, a mother, and an Astrologer who has talked about relationships with thousands of clients for over a decade… every single day!

Frankly it doesn't matter whether you believe in Astrology or not… because what I'm about to show you has nothing to do with the stars per se.

But it does tie directly into my profession of helping women like you find true love and heal existing relationships.

Who Am I And How My Story Can Help You Find True Love

My name is Anna Kovach.

I have been a professional relationship Astrologer for over a decade, and I know how powerful Astrology is as a TOOL for clarity in relationships… a tool to better understand your partner and yourself and how you may connect and communicate on a deeper level.

In my practice, I have helped countless couples get closer and experience more love, intimacy and harmony in their relationships.

But while Astrology works wonders for many, I have to admit it has its limitations.

Astrology shows you how to be a better fit and be more compatible with him. It shows how to understand him and align yourself with him… and that works when he is naturally receptive and is not yet "infected" by modern dating behavior and beliefs.

The truth is Astrology cannot transcend itself into the evident flaws of the modern "dating (dis)dynamic."

It cannot change the total lack of “training” today's men have when it comes to treating women as we know they should treat us (but rarely do).

And it cannot reverse how disinformed and unaware women allow men to have all the real power in a relationship — regardless of his or her own Zodiac sign.

It's not just that we allow it; we willingly give away our power and even STIMULATE men to mistreat us, lose interest, cheat, pull away and close down…

This is mostly because of a flawed belief system that makes us act weak, desperate and fearful.

But if you learn to let go of these wrong beliefs, you'll immediately and automatically be treated with more love, more respect, and more romance… from a man who is right for you.

What if I say that it's NOT your fault that men have mistreated you in the past?

What if I say that today's dating world is rigged against women like you and me? And in so many ways in fact…

Because I am on the front lines of heartache, confusion and hope for love-seeking women like Marie…

I have the privilege to see and hear stories of what's going on behind the scenes in relationships every day… and it is clear without a doubt that the modern dating world, with its common beliefs and common advice from Cosmo and popular magazines, is continually working against us… (of course, this is my personal opinion — judge for yourself).

Here's why I believe it is  “rigged.”

Because I am on the front lines of heartache, confusion and hope for love-seeking women like Marie…

I have the privilege to see and hear stories of what's going on behind the scenes in relationships every day… and it is clear without a doubt that the modern dating world, with its common beliefs and common advice from Cosmo and popular magazines, is continually working against us. (again, for legal purposes I must say this is just my personal opinion — decide for yourself).

Just Pick Up Any Of Today's Most Popular Women's Magazines…

Do you see what's wrong here?

Do you also notice the hidden messages breeding insecurity behind these headlines?

Almost as if they're designed to make us feel insecure, afraid, ugly, dumb. Not good enough. All opposite of what they supposedly preach…

Looking at these, it is nearly impossible not to feel overwhelmed with insecurity.

This is their hidden message:

You have to be young, sexy, rich and beautiful… and have lots of CRAZY SEX in 61 “new” ways if you ever want any guy to like you.

It's all about fitting into his standards, his expectations, his desires.

But that's like trying to get into a pair of jeans two sizes too small, and no matter how hard you diet and exercise, those jeans always keep shrinking faster than you can ever catch up…

They're trying to convince us that men are ONLY interested in sex and good looks. And how we must be perfect for him. As if these sexy celebrities never have relationship troubles?

Trust me they do. Many of them turn to Astrology for guidance.

It is quite depressing and engineered to make us feel insecure. Insecure — so we buy into all these beauty and fashion products to mask our “imperfections.” But there is a much darker side effect…

Good looks and sex are far less important to men than they want us to believe, and this lie makes women desperately insecure, confused, lost, needy, and foolish about men and relationships.

All this creates a vicious, toxic cycle that is directly responsible for all the bad things happening in our love lives.

And even if you don't read Cosmo, it doesn't really matter anymore. Today, these same toxic messages are all around us. Omnipresent.

On TV. On the Internet… portraying a FAKE reality.

  • Social Media, where everyone is sharing their supposedly happy and perfect life (better than yours)
  • Popular Dating Apps, where men have been accustomed to expect cheap, “fast-food” dating
  • Nudity and adult movies that have given men unrealistic expectations of the female body, sex and more

Seemingly unlimited choices and an increasingly FAKE online “reality” has made people feel anxious, depressed, insecure and unhappy with their choices.

Study after study shows that social media that is supposed to bring us together has made people more alone than ever.

Our insecurity is their profit margin. Let's face it. Popular and social media has put women under more pressure than ever.

We are expected to be “perfect” in all we do… succeed in our career, be great mothers and excellent cooks, watch our weight, look terrific AND master at least 61 sex positions.

Or else.

And if that wasn't enough, we still have some wonderful friends and family… to remind us how insignificant, incomplete and unlucky we are without a man.

  • Why are you still single?
  • Honey, what happened with James? Oh, so sad to hear that, he seemed like such a nice guy…
  • You're not going to get any younger, you know…

It's not that there's anything bad about wanting a great man and a strong relationship. That is perfectly fine.

It's the way we think about these things that is fundamentally wrong.

And terribly counterproductive, too.

It's the true reason why men pull away, cheat, lie. Refuse to commit. Go ice cold and close off. Ghost. Never call or text back. Don't approach. Lose interest. Leave.

So what's really going on here?

Disney stories like Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty…

Magazines, Hollywood movies and TV shows…

Social and popular media, friends and family…

For whatever reason, all of these have instilled a FLAWED dating mindset, an incorrect belief system that is sabotaging us behind the scenes, around the clock...

Whether you like it or not…

It is in your head right now.

Triggering mistakes that are MURDER to your love life.

Repeatedly, I see the same mistakes, the same pattern. A kind of modus operandi at play.

As if things were designed to block us, despite our best intentions.

Why is it this way? I am not quite sure. Perhaps it is a trend. Perhaps it is a negative side effect of the movements for equality.

Today we wonder, “Where are all the real men? Why are we not treated better?”

There are, in fact, PLENTY OF GOOD MEN out there, but…

We chased them away.

Most men today have not been taught by their parents or elders how to respect women and how to properly treat women.

Many men have been raised without a father to teach them. And I'm not telling you to blame men either… this flawed mindset I am talking about is affecting us all equally. Chivalry is mostly dead because modern society killed it.

It's crazy out there and this effectively means that…

If you don't set the rules, you'll be living by somebody else's.

And I'll tell you why in a moment...

Women do too much ‘dating work’ that they should not be doing, and this turns off a man's primal desire to chase and win us over.

  • We want to be romanced. We want intimacy, a partner, lover, friend and more…
  • We want a serious relationship with a good man. We don't want to be taken for granted.
  • We want to be swept off our feet, loved and protected in a harmonious relationship.

Yet very often, we don't get that. Either we attract Mr. Wrong or Mr. Good Enough, or we don't know how to keep Mr. Right interested and hooked on us . . .

Today I want to show you a way to TRAIN any man to treat you like the queen that you are.

It's time to turn the tables and stop chasing men once and for all.

It's time to detox your mind from all the garbage they've been feeding you and take back control over your love life.

Stop molding yourself into what you think he “likes” while giving away your power and losing his respect.

So if you're tired of making a fool of yourself…

If you're tired of going from one dead end relationship to the next one…

If you're tired of being single or heartbroken…

I have good news for you if you stick with me.
But before I share this, I must warn you this is not for the faint-hearted. This is not for everyone.

Who This Message Is For… And Who It Is Not

This is not for women who accept being victims of circumstance, but rather women who are creators of their destiny.

This is not for women who have given up on the idea of attracting and keeping true love in their lives or women looking for an easy “trick” or “technique” to manipulate a man.

It is for women who are open-minded enough to believe they can, in fact, influence their surroundings and re-align the stars in their favor.

This is for women who believe there are powers far beyond our simply physical world.

And it is for women who are courageous enough to listen and smart enough to recognize when they hear truth.
I say this because what I am about to share is unconventional and controversial.

It is radical, and it may make some people angry.

But if you are one of the naysayers and enjoy being overly “practical,” stuck in your old ways and habits, if you are not a naturally curious person, then this is probably not for you, and I kindly ask you to leave this page now.

On the other hand, if you believe in the power of shaping your own destiny, if you trust the magic of your subconscious mind, please read on. You will love this.

I am very selective about who I share this energy with, and I do not want to pull anyone forward by force, rather by your internal desire to explore an alternative solution to all of your past, present and future dealings with love.

If you've been searching for a new path to love, this is it.

The Incredible Secrets I Discovered in My Aunt’s "Forbidden" Library…

Many moons ago, when my Aunt Ana-Maria introduced me to Astrology after I sought refuge for my broken heart… I was fortunate to be granted access to her private, "forbidden" library.

Yes, it was actually locked and tucked away so no one could enter.

Picture this is in her home (more like a castle) in a secluded village in the mountains of Romania… where top honchos, celebs and politicians regularly visited to seek her counsel.

Inside this special library was her private collection — containing thousands of books, scriptures and ancient texts… many of them hundreds of years old or more.

I have never seen anything quite like it.

You see, my aunt comes from a family of Astrologers — and these books were passed on to her from one generation to the next.

Considering what her ancestors had to go through to protect these… without being burned at the stakes in Medieval Europe…

And having herself survived decades of communism under Ceaușescu’s regime (one my father barely escaped)… it is no wonder she still feared opening up this treasure trove to regular folks (who would probably assume she's some kind of witch).

Since she had no children and loved me as if I was her own, she agreed to take me under her wing and personally mentor me in the art and science of the stars…

But she had one condition: I had to promise to pass this knowledge on and serve others, as she has and her mother did before her.

I remember thinking how these books should probably be preserved or held in some high-tech library with humidity controllers to protect them from decay. Many of these books were the only copy left. Some were handwritten in Greek and Latin centuries before Gutenberg invented the printing press.

She admitted to spending a fortune on these once a free economy and democracy had allowed her to earn her share of gold, further expanding her library with some “new” gems from other collectors around the globe.

Of course, being a curious soul and avid learner, always striving to help her clients face modern-day challenges… she also had all the new scientific discoveries in human relationships, love, success psychology, spirituality and more…

She wasn’t just their Astrologer… She was also their psychologist, therapist, spiritual guide, coach, and friend.

I spent months every year sitting at an enormous marble table, studying these ancient texts, scanning them for preservation and some for translation into English.

Besides Astrology, you’d find all sorts of “new age” and “esoteric” teachings… from numerology and feng shui, mysticism, magic and witchcraft, freemasonry, religion, afterlife and immortality, psychic phenomena… all the way to chakras, healing crystals, herbalism, cryptography… and more.

I was fascinated, to say the least, and tried to distill and take notes on the most potent aspects of each book and late-night conversations with my aunt.

But there were two “departments” that especially drew my attention…

The first was the science of metaphysics — vibrations, energy, and, in particular… the astonishing powers of manifestation and the subconscious mind.

Using the power of the mind, we can transform thoughts into things, ideas and desires into the physical… tangible form. Thoughts become things and we can manifest whatever our heart desires.

Did you know that the human body is 60 to 70 water? And did you know that the Japanese scientist dr. Masaru Emoto discovered “hidden messages in water” — when playing positive, beautiful music to water… this water formed beautiful crystals when frozen…

But when water was subject to negative thoughts and ugly sounds it formed no crystals or deformed crystals.

A similar study about music and plants showed that when flowers “listened” to rock and aggressive music they died quickly… while flowers that listened to jazz, classical and soothing music they blossomed and leaned in the direction of the speakers.

The way you think affects you and the world around you. It affects how men respond to you, too. The vibrations you put out into the universe are connected to the vibrations you get back.

This is the truth if you are ready to accept it and able to grasp and put it into action.

If you’ve ever heard the quote from Napoleon Hill, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve,” then you understand what I am referring to.

What I have discovered is that we truly can have anything we desire simply by using the infinite powers of our minds and the Universe.

I have studied countless teachings on manifestation from the original source…published centuries before “The Law of Attraction” was popularized by documentaries like The Secret and modern-day gurus.

Affirmations and visualization have since been a daily ritual in my life. A ritual that has transformed my reality in ways unbelievable to the average person.

I write down and meditate upon what I desire, and my mind propels the Universe to bring it to me.

The biggest mistake I see single and heartbroken women make is to focus their subconscious mind on LACK… scarcity instead of abundance.

This only attracts to them more of the same troubles in love and relationships.

Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

But if you “re-program” your mind, I promise… manifestation shall work for you and give you ALL THE LOVE your heart desires — and more!

You, too, can manifest the perfect relationship right in front of you…

…as I did when I manifested my ex back. And as millions of others have before me.

I’ll show you the correct way to do it, but first — the second golden nugget I found in my aunt’s library.

THIS is the “secret sauce” behind my new love formula. It's what forever changed my dating mindset.

THIS is what helped ‘hopeless’ women like Marie find hope after all… AND finally not only attract Mr. Right but know exactly what to do to keep him.

It is a book called “All the Rules: Time-tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right” written by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider back in February 1996. But before you rush to buy your copy (as you should), wait ‘til I give you the good news.

I will be grateful to these two women forever. They have a better understanding of male psychology and are responsible for more successful marriages than any other dating author.

The only reason The Rules are not given the attention they deserve is because of all the popular “modern dating” media-brainwashing we've been exposed to.

They don't want you to know the rules.

They don't want you to believe and trust in the rules.

And they surely don't want you to actually use the rules.

Unfortunately, women who have experienced the mind-blowing benefits of the rules are reluctant to share them, too. I don't blame them. They fear being ridiculed or condemned.

They keep their secret because they don’t want others to know they are, in fact, using the rules.

All of this means that despite being accessible… the rules have in many ways been kept hidden and low-profile.

You’ll probably never hear about them unless a ‘rules girl’ whispers them into your ear after overhearing your heartbreaking love story.

BUT my aunt had a copy…

“Memorize every line, and never break the rules again” she said.

They are THAT effective.

And if you don't believe me, look at just a few of nearly 800 raving reviews on…


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Right now as I write this review, I am snuggled up in bed and planning my WEDDING. I was always a pretty, pleasant, nice girl-but because I was so nice I would date guys wayyyyy longer than I needed to, and who clearly were not for me. I am needy-I admit it. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and though this behavior is rewarded in movies, it is not in real life! I not only turned off some great guys, but I probably prevented some of the guys from getting to know me-because they may have gotten freaked out by my gestures (cards, cooking dinner, being too romantic too soon). Anyways, all i ask is you try it. I am in love with the Rules and was CHASED and i mean CHASED by my now fiance.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ If your relationships aren't working, you need this book. I have used it for years and it works. It can be painstaking and downright difficult to follow the rules at times, to not call, to end the date first, to say no to dates not planned in advance. However, 100% worth it. The man who on the first date said he "never wanted to get married" and the one I wanted over all the other guys proposed to me and we've been married 13 years. Note: he is still just as considerate on our dates as he was at the beginning, and takes pleasure in it to this day. Not long after I read and digested this book, I met and started dating a wonderful young man. I deliberately tried to exercise what I had learned from the book; coincidence or not, I have been happily married to him for almost ten years, after an expeditious long-distance courtship. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ When this book first came out about 15 years ago, it completely changed my dating life. I finally "got it" and understood why my relationships were not working. Literally overnight, I stopped chasing after guys, stopped approaching them, calling them all the time, making sure I was available at all times for last-minute dates that the guys never planned in advance. I started expecting good, old-fashioned manners and chivalry. If I didn't get it, I moved on quickly instead of making excuses for the guy. Voila, I am now happily married... beyond happily married. In fact I have a dream marriage that is so strong and loving and solid, I honestly never knew it was possible to be this happy and fulfilled in a relationship. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Read this and literally threw it away 10 years ago. Told myself I'm just going to be myself and who likes me likes me. Ended up dating a married man (on accident!) no wonder he could only see me last minute. Then I met "The One". Broke all the rules again and 9 months later he needed space. I was devastated and remembered this book- uh oh they were right I give up! I immediately reordered it and skipped to the how to win back your Ex chapter. When he texted me a week later I restarted our relationship on a Rules basis and it was like I gave him his man card back. Our relationship became a fairy tale complete with wonderful dates, thoughtful gifts, promises about the future, paid weekend getaways and 6 months later a huge ring :)

There's only one “little” problem, and if it wasn't for this, I believe there could be millions of women successfully using the rules every day… It's HARD as hell to follow the rules. Because it requires an iron will and stoic discipline.

Most women who try fail and give in to their flawed dating mindset. It’s so ingrained in our everyday life, deeply programmed in our subconscious mind, that it’s becoming nearly impossible to internalize the rules.

Most women keep defaulting back to their flawed programming… Eventually, they give up and conclude how the rules “don’t work in the 21st century,” yet they have never been more potent than they are today!

Or they meet a “good guy” and decide "he’s not like those other men," so they skip the rules… only to see him suddenly turn into one of those "other men." By that time, it’s usually too late.

Hearken unto me, there is a way around this.

You see…

I naturally kept recommending both manifestation techniques AND The Rules to women in situations like Marie's when Astrology was of no help.

I remembered how often I turned to these incredible Tools …

But something was missing. For those who applied the two… MAGIC HAPPENED every day in their lives. Men chased them. They got big, fat wedding rings. Dreams came true.

But more and more, women did not have the discipline to follow through.

So they never managed to eliminate their flawed dating mindset. They couldn't DETOX from this toxic mindset on their own.

Thus, they never managed to think abundantly and attract an ABUNDANCE of love into their life.

They kept going back to their old ways…

Remember Einstein’s wise words: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Unfortunately, most of my clients had trouble letting go of their old belief systems… This kept them pushing men away. And they had no Tool helping them attract The One, either.

So they stayed single.

Kept going from failure to failure. And often remained quite unhappy. Some, like Marie, were on the edge of depression.

This is when the answer finally dawned upon me…

There was a way to COMBINE the life-changing magic of manifestation… with the proven-to-work, battle-tested Rules of dating.

And put these two together into ONE brand-new system.

A system that AUTOMATES their usage… while DOUBLING their effectiveness at the same time.

This means that you have nothing to remember, nothing to think about — everything happens for you, automatically.

That's how I got the idea to develop this breakthrough system…

A ‘New Formula for Love’ that enables any woman to ATTRACT MR. RIGHT into her life…

AND equips her to “re-program” her subconscious with a new dating mindset… a set of rules that build a long-lasting, committed relationship for her… unlike any other.

Nothing like this ever existed before. It is truly special and scary-powerful.

A system so wickedly effective it keeps women shocked how easy and fast it works, despite opposing modern dating ‘logic.’

It proves in action why today's dating scene is rigged against women like you and me. Women who want to be good, good in a way that is bad for them and, surprisingly, also bad for the men they're dating — making it a lose-lose situation for both women and men.

And it also clearly shows the 3 fundamental, relationship-killing mistakes women like Marie kept repeating.

I will tell you about this wicked system in a moment, but first the 3 mistakes I promised to reveal… If you leave today with this alone, it will already pay for the time you invested reading.

I call these ‘relationship-killers’ for a reason. Because that is what they do.

These are the exact mistakes responsible for men…

  • leaving
  • cheating
  • avoiding commitment
  • being hot and cold
  • losing interest and pulling away
  • and all those things that drive you mad and break your heart

Let's see if you make any of these mistakes with men…

Relationship-Killing Mistake #1: Do you chase men without even knowing it?

Without doubt, the #1 mistake is chasing a man. This ONE thing ruins more relationships than anything else.

Let that sink in for a moment, please.

Are you a chaser?

You see…

There are so many ways to ‘chase’ a guy… often very subtle ways that do not SEEM like chasing but are actually direct signals (to him) that you need and want him more than he needs and wants you.

Whoever loves least has more power in a relationship.

This is unfair and perhaps sad. But it's true.

And it's crucial because with men, so much is about sex and power.

Showing, through various acts of chasing, that you need him more than he needs you is the biggest mistake you can make with a man.

It is not the act of chasing but the hidden message chasing communicates and the primal, negative response this message triggers in his mind, heart, soul and sexual desire of you.

His desire evaporates into thin air.

Because suddenly you lose all value in his eyes.

Now, you may think you're not a chaser, but you most likely are, and I'll prove it to you immediately.

Let me ask you a few questions…

Do you text and call men more often than they text and call you?

If you're a compulsive “texter,” desperately glued to your phone…praying it's Him...

This is one of the most telling signs you are a chaser.

But there are many other CHASE SIGNALS you could be sending out without even knowing.

Ten hidden signals prove you chase men without realizing

Perhaps some, perhaps all of these to some degree say you're guilty of chasing…

Here, test yourself:

  • Do you talk more and ask more questions than he does?
  • Do you think about your date more than he does?
  • Is he the one usually ending phone calls, and are you the last one texting?
  • Do you worry more about how you'll look than he does?
  • Do you make excuses for him and justify his ungentlemanly behavior?
  • Do you forgive him for… not texting back, ignoring, pulling away, acting cold?
  • Do you go out of your way to meet with him? Perhaps take a cab or Uber, travel a long way or put more effort into this relationship's success than he does?
  • Are you in a hurry… (more than he is) to label your relationship's status?
  • Are you the one looking at your phone and hoping he'll text?
  • Is he "the busy one" while you're hoping he'll fit you into his schedule?

To put it in simpler terms, are you more committed to making this relationship work (and showing it) than he is?

If ‘yes’ is the answer, then yes again — you are a classic chaser.

And your chasing is chasing men AWAY…

Because if you do more, or even any chasing whatsoever, especially in the initial stages of your relationship with a man, you are setting up this relationship for failure before it even begins.

You might wonder, “But is chasing really that bad? Isn't it ‘okay’ in the 21st century?”

Here's why it's a total relationship-killer:

A man has a primal need to chase a woman. It's a caveman instinct, and it's not going anywhere.

If he does not fulfil this primal need of pursuit, he will eventually lose interest since he does not value you.

We desire and fantasize about what we cannot have, what is out of our reach. NOT what is running towards us.

When you get something for free, you value it less or not at all.

But when you PAY A PRICE, and a high one, you will cherish, protect and take good care of it… for years and years.

And a price may be paid in different ways, not just with money.

Do you want to be cherished, valued, loved and protected by a great man… or do you want to be dropped cold like worthless bag of garbage... and join the Maries of the world?

I see chasing as the #1 mistake modern women make, and it is flawed in so many ways.

It is NOT even about chasing the "wrong guy;" it is about ruining a potentially good guy with the act of chasing.

Sure, he may be a bad guy to begin with (then you didn't qualify him correctly, and I'll teach you how to do that, too), but most likely… your act of chasing and chasing signals deactivated his inner Hunter.

Here's the good news.

As you'll soon learn, the simple act of not chasing men can immediately improve your love life. The secret to never chasing men again is never chasing men again.

It's true. This one thing alone can have a bigger impact on your love life than any other factor.

Isn't that amazing?

So, if the secret is to “just stop chasing men” why aren't more women doing it?

Well, because stopping isn't easy. It's like telling a chain-smoker to quit smoking. Or an out-of-shape person to exercise every day. Or an alcoholic to quit drinking.

Not so simple after all.

The truth is… we are conditioned or, as I like to say, "programmed" by society to make this mistake. And only you have the power to change this.

But why is this so? Why are we “programmed” to make this mistake?

This programming is working against you. And you know it. Otherwise you'd be in a happy, loving relationship or marriage right now.

But you are not.

Who's to blame? Well, there are many reasons why society conditioned us this way, from Cinderella-like fairytales to the side effects of the feminist movement, but I won't get into that rant today.

What I do know, without question, is that most women today are operating with a FLAWED DATING MINDSET.

This flawed dating mindset is triggering your "chasing signals" that communicate all the wrong messages to a man.

Don't worry, I'll tell you how to eliminate this from your dating life once and for all. But please be aware that…

Unless you urgently clean this flawed dating mindset from your belief system, you can never experience true love with a man.

You will always push him away and can therefore never be his deepest desire.

With this flawed mindset, it is nearly impossible to enjoy a long-lasting, stable relationship with a man who values and cherishes you.

You'll keep sending ‘chase signals’ that will continually DEACTIVATE his desire for you.

So what can we do?

We need to take these flaws and surgically remove them from your belief system…one by one. So they finally move out of your way and never sabotage your love life again.

This alone will automatically stop you from chasing men. It will be like second nature to you. You won't even have to think about it, and there will be no struggle. You literally “just stop doing it” and watch how men treat you differently, nearly overnight.

You will see immediate changes in how men respond to you and act around you.

It's because you finally stop pushing men away with your chase signals.

This is a completely automatic response from men.

But why stop here?

Then, we'll replace this old and flawed mindset with a brand-new, value-based and wickedly effective one… one that creates a “PULL effect” by triggering his chase instinct.

This time, you'll send signals that ACTIVATE his chase-urge and focus his full attention on YOU.

We are effectively “re-programming” the junk society has planted in you since you were a teen… and planting a system so powerful that men find it impossible to resist you. You shine like the brightest start with a brand new appeal.

They suddenly see you as a target to “hunt down,” something they want to claim ownership of, whatever the cost.

This is when men are ready to fight each other for your love and attention.

They don't just have a primal urge to chase you — it might even turn into a type of obsession… They think about you… fantasize about you, talk about you, confess their love to friends or secretly wonder about you.

It gets to a point where they cannot get you off their minds and feel like they're going crazy, worshipping the ground you walk on.

This may sound hard to believe, but read on, and I'll show you why and how it works so well. And I promise the results will AMAZE you.

This “re-programming” is the ONLY effective way to remove a flawed dating mindset and replace it with one that is proven, over and over again, to work in your favor.

That's why I said this is probably the most valuable website on the Internet, and I will prove it to you in a moment.

But first, let me reveal the second biggest mistake women make that stabs their love lives in the chest…

Relationship-Killing Mistake #2: Take All My Power, and While You're At It, Here's My Heart, for Free

Want to know the real reason why men pull away, lose interest or send mixed signals?

Read on, and I'll reveal some eye-popping truths that'll take you all the way back to your first KISS.

What I'm about to tell you may make you slightly angry…

But let's face it…

It's not just that you chase men. And even if you are among the few ladies who don't kill their love lives with chasing, you're most likely guilty as charged with this one:

You give all your power away to a man who does not deserve it.

Let me repeat this so it sinks in.

You give all your power away…

…to a man who does not deserve it.

True or not?

I'll explain… You see, this fatal mistake has two sides.

The first part is simply giving your power away. Your power is... your love, your body, your feelings, your commitment. You give all of these away too quickly.

This means you eagerly RUSH into a relationship, fast and furious to make it “official” and exclusive as soon as possible.

You may change your status on social media…

You may tell all your friends about him…

You may watch your phone all day waiting for his text…

You may allow him to occupy your mind-space… and heart… distracting you from the rest of your life.

You let him "have you" too quickly, both emotionally AND physically.

And it's not just about speed but how EASY you make it for him to win your heart.

This may sound brutal, but…

You think you fell in love with him, but what I see so many women actually fall in love with is the idea and the promise of a relationship, not him in particular.

Sound familiar? Do you rush into a relationship and make it a walk in the park for him to seduce you?

IF you like him, you'll usually show little or no resistance at all… You'll "fall" for him in no time. You'll present little or no challenge whatsoever.

THIS is the real reason men lose interest and “suddenly pull away” after a few months of dating. You push for a relationship, yet he has not truly earned the honor you are gifting him.

You know when a girl gets dumped and her girlfriends say, “He didn't deserve you!”? Well, perhaps that's true, but that's the mistake. Why did he get you if he did not deserve you?

But it gets worse… The second side of this mistake is giving your power away to a man who does not deserve it.

Think about this one. You're not just RUSHING into a relationship— but with your eyes WIDE SHUT.

You are effectively BLIND.

You may be so desperate for a real man and a serious relationship that you can't manage to hide it (from him).

So desperate and needy that you'll give your heart away to the first guy who seems right but shows little or no PROOF

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

When you want to know if a man is right for you… don't listen to his words. Words are cheap.

Instead, look at his actions. They'll reveal the answer you are seeking.

There are two FACTS to keep in mind.

Men do not and cannot value what comes free, cheap or without significant effort.

Let's assume you're not a total chaser but a ‘mild’ one. Let's then assume you somehow activated his chase-instinct (your looks, charm, or whatever reason)…

How eager were you to jump into a relationship?

Are you hard or easy to get?

Usually, the more physically attractive you are, the more men will approach you, thus this may increase your natural way of being hard to get" — but that doesn't last long.


If you are easy and show little or no resistance…

If you let him seduce you quickly and without real PROOF, without actions that clearly demonstrate he truly values you…

Then he'll simply use you and let you go once he gets what he wants (sex, attention, etc.).

Like a cat that leaves when a toy is conquered…

This is why SO many relationships have such a similar storyline... I hear this every single day: “Everything was fine, and then all of a sudden, he went ICE COLD as soon as he got closer to commitment.”


“He pulled away, and I don't know why.”

THERE'S the reason: you did not challenge him enough for him to value you. You gave away your heart nearly FREE without seeing ANY PROOF.

So as soon as you let him "win your heart," he drops it cold and BREAKS it into a million pieces.

As he if couldn't care less.

Not fun now, is it?

Whatever comes easy, goes easy.

It is the law of the Universe.

This is what teenage girls do. Being silly, naive. But grown women fail to learn this simple lesson, too.

When you naively give your heart away to the first semi-interested “seems okay” guy that stumbles into you, and if you allow him “catch you” after barely any real effort… how do you expect him to value you?

How can we expect a man to value us if we don't, first and foremost, value ourselves? A man will treat you the way he believes he can get away with (I'll teach you more about this in mistake #3).

If he can ONLY get away with treating you like a queen, then THAT is how he will treat you… or he'll have to suffer the consequences — getting dumped by you.

Again, I have to admit it is NOT your fault, so please take it easy on yourself…

It always comes back to our flawed dating mindset that's setting us up for failure.

That wrong belief system, wrong programming, is working in the background, quietly screwing you over…

…while it makes you act desperate, needy, emotional and weak.

It lets you fall for him without QUALIFYING him first. So this makes you emotionally vulnerable to the WRONG guy.

Think of this as a vetting process like an interview for a VERY IMPORTANT JOB… your husband.

It's an important position after all, isn't it?

But if you're desperate to "fill the role," you'll end up with a guy that'll destroy your company.

The truth is there has to be a LINE for that job (I'll show you how), and he has to FIGHT for the position. He has to earn it if he's to respect it and have real “job satisfaction.”

That's why serious companies have several rounds of interviews, and a trial period. So when he finally gets the job — he respects it and enjoys it more.

But your flawed dating mindset sets you up for failure again… because it makes you think in terms of fitting in.

Trying to fit into HIS desires, HIS likes, HIS dislikes… with total disregard of your desires, your likes, your wants. This is what all mainstream dating advice is about: fitting in.

As you're putting him first, instead of yourself, do you feel your power slowly leaving you?

Do you feel how this only further de-values you and puts men on a pedestal?

You try to fit into his world instead of having him BEG to be a part of yours (trust me, you can do it. Read on and I'll show you how).

This rigged belief system makes us so blindly obsessed with the IDEA of a perfect relationship that we are willing to IGNORE all the red flags on the way.

This mindset that we are conditioned with makes us believe in the idea of love so deeply that we are ready to FOOL ourselves and lie to ourselves even when, deep down, we know something's not quite right.

This is why so many women end up in toxic relationships.

Still, many of us are more afraid of being single and alone than being in a dead-end relationship and miserable, hoping to fix the unfixable.

Holding onto the wrong guy…until he dumps you.

Many of us have done it. More than once.

If you tell him "I love you" but he did barely anything to deserve your love… he will not respect you, he will not value you, and he will not cherish you the way you want.

Thus, you've just set this relationship up for failure. Sooner or later, he'll lose interest because there's no struggle, no tension, no challenge, no real effort on his part.

WHY do we do this?

Why do we need a relationship so desperately? Why do we rush into a relationship with an unqualified, unproven guy?

There are many reasons, again, all coming back to that same flawed belief system.

One of those more common beliefs is that “a good man is hard to find” (not true) — so as soon as you find a guy who seems okay, you go all crazy…

Another belief is that you need a man in order to be happy in life (again, not true and counterproductive).

“Your biological clock is ticking…and you're not going to get any younger.”

“Younger, prettier women are joining the race…”

Your family and friends are all putting pressure on you… sometimes subtle, often not.

So you close your eyes to all his flaws, ignore all the red flags and fall for him without proof.

If there's one lesson I want you to learn today, it's this: Always look for PROOF. It will save you years and tears. And I'll tell you how to do that in a moment.
But first, how do we “override” this conditioning to desperately desire a relationship?

Well, again... we have to remove faulty beliefs and "re-program" your mind with new ones that actually work for you and that automatically block you from repeating these mistakes ever again.

This will stop you from being “easy to get” and will force him to show his true face, if he is truly interested and willing to fight for you.

The best part is that this alone will make him MORE interested and more willing to fight for your love and PROVE himself to you — so he will try to qualify himself for this important position and work his butt off to keep the job for life.

How to “Qualify” a Man…

But please realize this: if a man doesn't fight hard to get you and doesn't show PROOF, then he's not the right guy for you…

He is not serious and should be removed from your list of potential mates so you can free up space for the right man who sees your true value and is HONORED to fight for it.

Only with PROOF will he deserve (a part) of you.

Think of dating like food.

You'll dangle it in front of him until he's really, really hungry.

“Oh, God, how AMAZING it tastes!” he'll think once he finally takes a bite. It's Godlike and beyond delicious… the best he's EVER had.

There has to be tension. There has to be struggle. There has to be effort.

A man will then and ONLY THEN convince himself and “discover” dozens of reasons why you are SO perfect for him. Why he cannot imagine living another day without you.

Otherwise, why on earth did he invest SO much time, effort, energy, and yes, even money... to get you. He will convince himself that you are, indeed, The One for him.

Sounds better than getting dumped cold, doesn't it?

You betcha…

So how do you know if he deserves you? What kind of PROOF are we looking for?

Listen closely because what I'm about to tell you will change how you look at men and relationships FOREVER.

This one thing alone will help you QUALIFY men and immediately spot who's worth your attention and who to avoid and cross off your list and not give another second of your time or atom of your love…

Is He Right For You? 4 Proof Indicators to Look For…

Remember how men don't value what comes free or at little cost? (Don't worry, I'll teach you how to be naturally hard to get.)

The key word here is "value." A man who values you will treat you well and will gladly stick to your relationship.

But unless he pays a price, he won't be able to value you, and therefore he will eventually lose interest. That's the way the cookie crumbles…

The more he ‘pays’ to become a part of your life, to seduce you, to earn you… the more value he will place on you once he finally does get you.

The more eager he will be to commit to you, too.

There are 4 proof indicators to look for so you qualify him to be deserving of you and your love (and power).

Unless he shows these indicators, do not commit, do not fall in love, and do not give away your heart. (Again, no worries. I'll teach you what drives a man to prove himself to you.)

Here they are…

1. Time. If a man invests his time to be with you (especially when his time is truly valuable and scarce) and is willing to "move things around" and make time for you in his otherwise busy schedule, that's a very good indicator. Also, he must clearly value your time.

But if he's often "too busy," flaky, cancels dates, takes ages to respond or disrespects your time… those are all red flags. He does not value you. Move on.

2. Effort, energy, attention. Does he remember those little things you say? Is he really listening to you? Does he bring flowers, open the door, help you with your coat? Is he eager to please you or be liked by you?

If you don't see real effort from him, he's not that interested. You must stop doing all the work in your relationship, especially in the early stages. Remember how I said earlier, "Whoever loves least has power"?

Whatever a man works for and invests time, energy, and money in — all things that he naturally values — he shall cherish, protect and value, too.

This brings us to indicator #3.

3. Money. Never go Dutch. A man who's not willing to treat you for a date, dinner, drinks, etc., does not value you.

This may sound old-school, but it's truer than ever. It doesn't matter if he's a broke student; you don't have to go on an expensive date. If he's truly interested, he'll find a way.

Trust me, the more money he invests in you and your relationship, the better he'll treat you.

I have seen countless men act stingy with one woman (who treats him well) yet spend lavishly on (and marry) another one (I'll tell you her secret soon). Do not ignore this red flag or accept this behavior.

Even if these first 3 conditions are met, that is not enough to qualify just yet. Showing some initial interest doesn't mean he is automatically deserving of your love.

It certainly makes him more qualified than others…

But if that alone is enough, then you're still selling yourself short. There's the X-factor. And that's time for a second time… e.g. persistence.

4. You must make him wait.

This may require extreme self-control on your part. Because, again, our conditioning tells us to pursue a relationship… not to keep a healthy distance. Especially since you might be scared of "risking it" or losing him… What if he stops pursuing you?

But time is a factor indeed.

It's not enough that he simply shows a bit of effort and time and treats you to a few dates.

It must be long-term. He must show persistence. He must demonstrate his desire over time.

Pursuing you must remain a challenge.

Because the longer he makes these investments, the more convinced about you he becomes. And the longer his pursuit, the more satisfied he will be with his prize: winning over your heart.

ONLY when a man persistently demonstrates that he is willing to give up his time, that he is willing to put real work into catching you AND that he's honored to take you on dates and treat you like a lady… and does so for a significant length of time… only then is he qualified to be considered.

Yes. Considered.

And you want several qualified men to choose from!

Now, having worked so hard for you, he has no choice but to take good care of your love. To protect it, keep it and never risk losing it.

So can the whole secret really be that simple…?

“Be hard to get, look for proof and don't fall in love so fast?”

The answer is YES.

BUT we both know this is easier said than done. If it was so easy, you'd have qualified every man this way in the past instead of ignoring all the red flags.

You wouldn't have dated many men in your past who were not qualified, yet you still fell for them. It's what your flawed conditioning makes you do.

Unfortunately, it doesn't really matter if you know the 4 indicators now if your conditioning keeps bypassing them and overriding your conscious mind. Your sub-conscious will still override your logic.

Our subconscious is INFINITELY more powerful than one might imagine.

And that's what we need to put under control. Otherwise…

  • You fall for a guy despite him doing nothing, while you do all the work.
  • You justify lack of proof and effort on a man's part in the name of "equality" and are later shocked when he disappears into thin air…
  • You rush to commit to a man who has shown NO commitment himself.


Our conditioning today teaches us that we should be equal with men, in everything.

That it's "okay" for you to pick up the tab on a date. But is it? What if this little thing is, in fact, the massive hammer hitting a nail into your relationship's coffin?

You see… He may like you. He may even say he "loves you."

But does he value you enough to go out of his way for you? To travel? To spend? To invest? To call? To text? To SHOW, in action, that he actually cares?

If you are doing more of the work in the dating game, you are effectively chasing him... and BLOCKING his primal desire for hunting.

Thus, you lose his respect. You lose value. You effectively deprive him of his "killer instinct," and thus you are killing your relationship.

He eventually loses interest, and you chase away a potentially good guy!

Don't let this flawed dating mindset work against you anymore.

It must be removed and replaced with a system that can easily qualify men for you and ATTRACT the right men into your life. So you may choose, not chase.

Choose, Not Chase

A system that automatically stops you from wasting time on MORONS.

A system that stops you from developing any feelings for UNDESERVING JERKS.

A system that lets you keep your POWER in a relationship so you can be courted and chased the way you should be — thus building a foundation for a long-lasting relationship with the right man.

As someone who is on the front lines of dating every day, I assure you…

Re-programming your flawed dating mindset is, without a doubt, the ONLY way to stop giving away your power, stop rushing into relationships with the wrong men and stop falling in love with men who don't deserve it.

Just imagine how much heartache this will save you in the future… You'll never have to kiss frogs again hoping one will magically turn into a prince.

Instead, you'll be able to magnetically attract a REAL MAN who will happily chase you and LOVE your challenge. It will be the most heroic and exciting pursuit of his life.

And he will be grateful to you for giving him the role of a lifetime.

Avoiding mistakes #1 and #2 will help you to magnetically attract a qualified man into your life.

A few women do this correctly without realizing what they're doing. They were lucky with their parents, sisters, brothers — somewhere, they've learned this lesson and follow it on a subconscious level.

They value themselves and chase no one.

But THIS third mistake is where they tumble, too… and why a DIAMOND RING remains out of reach.

Relationship-Killing Mistake #3: The Reason Why There's No Diamond Ring Yet… And Why Love Fades: You Have No Relationship Rules

This last mistake is the most fatal one because it hurts most.

Imagine spending years in a relationship with a man who does not plan on marrying you… and comes up with all sorts of excuses to delay.

Do you keep waiting? But how much longer? What is he waiting for?

And what if he is already your husband… yet has lost interest in you and your marriage?

Do you divorce… or stay unhappy and married alone?

These situations are very common.

Remember Marie? She got married once, and her husband cheated on her. Then, a few years later, her new fiancé left her cold.

But for every Marie you show me, there are at least two other women who have not gotten a RING at all… so they haven't even had a chance to lose it yet…

But even if they get lucky and marry, every second one LOSES that ring eventually. That's how many marriages fail — 50% or so is the divorce rate in the US.

I know, I get dozens upon dozens of letters every day.

What's going on? Is there some kind of worldwide relationship-epidemic?

Well, yes.

Most women are affected and infected, and by a large degree, with this flawed dating mindset. How do you know if you've got it, too?

One of the key symptoms of being “infected” by this love-killing virus is a lack of RULES.

Rules? What rules?

Exactly. You have none.

Statistics show that around 55% of marriages in the US fail. And a large portion of the remaining 45% are stuck in unhappy, unsatisfying marriages.

Does this mean marriages and relationships are doomed?

No. It means that only about 10% of couples are in a happy, satisfying, close and harmonious relationship.

What do these women know? What do they do differently? What's their secret?

They have a very different dating mindset. They resisted mainstream conditioning to a degree or entirely — mostly thanks to their mothers or fathers teaching them a few things.

What you'll see in nearly every one of these women is that she has (often secretly) a kind of "code of conduct."

An acceptable and unacceptable set of actions for herself and her man.

We can call these rules.

They are rules because they cannot be broken. Rules are to be followed because they are proven to work over and over again. That's why they become rules, or "best practices."

Let's face it: most women don't have them (and THAT is mistake #3).

Not even a single rule. Interestingly, these same women are most likely to be in failed, dead-end relationships with guys who mistreat them, cheat, leave and so on.

Men will treat you the way you allow them to treat you. If they can get away with bad behavior, they will. If they can't, they won't — or are far, far less likely to try. This is why they (and you) need a set of rules.

I'll tell you why…

Men Are Like Dogs.

And I'm not saying this to insult men. On the contrary. I LOVE dogs. It's actually a compliment. And I love men, too.

But if you've ever had a dog or know people who do… you'll understand what I mean. A dog requires some training.

If they are NOT trained at all, they will drive you mad and go wild.

They'll pee where they shouldn't…

They'll eat your furniture…

They'll bite people…

They'll bark until they drive your neighbors nuts…

They'll never listen to you…

In short, they'll use their intelligence against you.

Men are not too different. Except men who don't get trained are FAR worse and will simply break your heart…

They'll cheat…

They'll lose interest…

They'll refuse to commit or propose…

They'll go on until they find a “better owner” to replace you with…

It's what happens when you have no RULES for him to follow. No direction. No clear boundaries. No clear guidelines. No set of expectations.

He is like a ship without a destination: he darts around with no way of orienting himself.

Without a set of rules, he has no clear guidance, no direction… no purpose.

He is essentially lost, going from one mistake to another until he breaks your relationship into pieces. He is like an unguided missile waiting to crash.

The sad fact is that unless you have a set of rules, certain boundaries and expectations… unless you have a “code of conduct,” a way you expect him to treat you…

He will be lost. And he will be unhappy.

The same way studies show that trained dogs are happier. Because they have a structure and feel like they've got a job to do… a higher sense of purpose and accomplishment.

This is what you need in a relationship, too — especially because if he is a stubborn type of guy… then he has his OWN set of rules.

Now, I am not saying you need to control men. Not at all.

But I am saying you must protect what you desire. You must value yourself. You must know what it is that you want, and why not pursue that?

The reality is that unless you have your own set of rules, boundaries, and clear expectations of a man and your relationship…
You might end up living by someone else's rules.

The truth is that men will treat you with as much love and respect as you expect.

This is a challenge for him, and this is how your relationship will remain a constant pursuit that he truly enjoys…

Yet when you have no expectations and no clear ruleshe will quickly lose interest and desire, and wander or stray in the wrong direction.

Trust me, probably the worst thing you can do for your relationship is to have no rules for yourself and your relationship. THIS is what your flawed dating mindset does to your love life in the background.

Since our mainstream conditioning is all about fitting in, once you catch a man (instead of vice versa), you let your guard down… without a set of rules to move your relationship forward in the right direction.

That's why you can't get a big, fat diamond RING from a great guy. You let your guard down until he loses interest and wanders away to an “owner” who will set clear expectations and give direction for him and their relationship.

The ONLY way you'll be able to enjoy a long-lasting relationship where a man keeps WINNING you over again and again for years and years on…

…is if you re-program your current belief system, and replace it with a set of proven-to-work rules… rules that work for you and guide your relationship on auto-pilot.

This is the kind of “training” you can gift to any qualified man that you attract into your life. Once he goes through your training and gets clear direction from the way you expect and require he treat you in your relationship…

Wow. It's like magic. Breakfast in bed. Romance. Bubble baths and flowers.

You instantly speed up your way to the aisle because he cannot wait to make you the happiest bride in the world… and cherish your love for a lifetime.

Yes, those were the 3 most common relationship-killing mistakes a woman can make… and I see women making these mistakes all the time. All because of a flawed dating mindset they are unaware of and can't get rid of.

Let's quickly summarize the 3 mistakes we've learned thus far:

  • Chasing a man (thus chasing him away)
  • Freely giving away power without proof and without challenge… to an unqualified man (thus losing respect and value in his eyes)
  • And having no clear set of rules, boundaries, expectations or direction for him to happily follow… (thus he is left misguided, bound to break your relationship sooner or later)

Do you make these mistakes with men? At least, to a certain degree?

We have all been conditioned with this flawed dating mindset, and unless we completely cleaned from our belief system, there's no light at the end of the tunnel.

Nearly all women who write to me are making some combination of these mistakes, otherwise they'd already be in happy, harmonious and committed relationships with great men.
So if you make these mistakes, too, don't worry…

Because I have some very good news for you today.

I have developed an antidote… many call it a MIRACLE, a love formula that eliminates your flawed mindset once and for all and replaces it with brand-new “programming” that works for you.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year… even as you sleep.

This new love formula works in the background, inside your subconscious mind.

It equips you with a brand-new mindset, one based on long-forgotten principles, tools and techniques little known and very rare in the modern dating world.

How does it work?

It makes you say and do all the right moves.

These principles are proven to work time and time again. Men suddenly find you to be refreshing, different, exciting and EXOTIC… completely unlike any other woman they have ever met.

In their eyes, you will be a kind of unicorn that they can't stop thinking and fantasizing about.

This brand-new mindset magnetically attracts the right man into your life… so you never have to chase any man again. He is so captivated by the AURA you project that he cannot wait to be with you all the time.

You automatically become a challenge to men, so they fight for your attention, love and interest … and enjoy every second of waiting to qualify for the position of your Husband.

PLUS, it gives you the required rules that protect your love and protect your relationship into the future. This keeps him close and always wanting more and more of you.

Finally, this new love formula puts any relationship in the FAST LANE to a committed, lasting relationship… and structures your love in a way that ensures he treats you like his one and only QUEEN… for a lifetime.

I do not know of a faster way to get a RING… because this moves your relationship step-by-step in the right direction, in the correct sequence and the right pace… from your “nice to meet you” to “Will you marry me?”

Today, I'm proud to finally introduce you to this new system. I call it “Relationship Manifestation” because that is exactly what it does for you. It manifests the perfect relationship into your life.

Here it is…

Introducing ”Relationship Manifestation” — a NEW formula for love that re-programs your dating mindset and automatically ATTRACTS the Perfect Relationship into your life… in as little as 30 days!

DISCLAIMER: Relationship Manifestation is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

You have never seen or experienced anything quite like it. And it will change your love life as you know it. The only one you have.

It's hard to believe until you experience it yourself but I’m happy to walk you through it.

Let me show you WHAT is inside, HOW it works and WHY listening to it may be the most transformational experience of your life…

  • A 17-minute audio recording… will tune into your subconscious and communicate directly with the most powerful part of your mind.
  • Every word, sound and vibration is carefully selected to replace your current flawed dating mindset with a brand-new set of proven beliefs, thus planting the seeds of love that quickly and automatically manifest into your life.
  • Every word, sound and vibration has the same purpose… to remove a limiting, scarcity mindset and deeply “conditioned” wrong beliefs about men… responsible for countless relationship-killing mistakes. No more.
  • 100 love-changing affirmations about dating, love and relationships derived from the proven-to-work wisdom of The Rules.
  • Read and approved by a certified Hypnotherapist & Master of Neurolinguistic-programming ensuring each word penetrates deep into the subconscious mind and “sticks” for the long haul, thus all future dating behavior is “covered” by the rules… protecting you from harm, qualifying men for you and effortlessly following each rule without having to memorize or think of any of them.
  • Know exactly how to respond to any and every situation… from “Hello” to “Would you marry me?” and beyond…
  • Push all the right buttons in a man to trigger his “chase instinct”, keep him fascinated with you, and have him obsessively think about you…
  • Have him not only feel LUST for you but convince himself why he is, in fact, in LOVE with you… and cannot live another day in fear of losing you to another man.
  • A kind of guided meditation takes you on a relaxing experience of visualisationwhere you may communicate your desires to the Universe, thus opening up the doors of opportunity all around you… wherever you go… so you may meet and choose the man you like most from a group of qualified men that are all Right For You.
  • Each listening makes you feel more and more confident, relaxed, loved and inspired… with a positive feeling in your chest with every breath you take.
  • Men begin to look at you in an entirely different way… smiling at you, coming up to talk to you, asking for your number, even "stalking" you to find out all about you so they may say all the right things to seduce you.
  • Men who previously did not notice you find themselves wondering where this woman was all their life.
  • Men all around you begin treating you in an entirely different way.
  • The belief that makes you ooze with sexy confidence and vibrate a relaxed, easy-to-be-with energy… this does not only make you more approachable but tells men you are a person of real value (affirmation 1).
  • Use affirmation 2 to immediately open the “Doors of Love”…  A man already in your life suddenly finds it easy to love you again, while any new man you meet can't resist falling in love with your fantastic energy.
  • Do you keep falling for the wrong guy? Affirmation 3 STOPS you from developing feelings for a man who is not right for you… No more misbehavior or disrespect from Mr. Wrong… No more frog-kissing; no more broken hearts for you.
  • What makes some women SEXY to men regardless of looks? Affirmation #4 turns you into his wildest desire without you changing a single thing physically… The way you walk, talk and act becomes SO HOT he can't resist you.
  • An easy way to make men curious about you and interested to learn all about your life… Put affirmation 5 to work for you and have men thinking: “Who is this girl? Why don't I know her? I wish my girlfriend was more like her! And why isn't she my wife?”
  • Never Chase Men Again… Affirmation 6 turns the dating game in your favor, so men feel propelled to chase you… It's an inner urge triggered by your new belief… and he can't wait to “hunt you down” and win you over.
  • Affirmation 7 turns you into a SEX BOMB no matter how you look… This one little belief alone suddenly makes men look at you, think about you, fantasize about you… and dream about making HOT love to you all night long. Heads are turning your way, and other women wonder, “What's so special about her?”… Men will know.
  • How do you stop sending needy “chase signals” that push men away? Affirmation #8 solves this for you… and quickly turns you into a “Love Prey” men cannot wait to “wage war” for — with all the love, romance and seduction he can dream up.
  • What if things went right immediately from the start? This affirmation sets things up to go in the right ORDER from the first date to your engagement ring…
  • The sneaky little belief within affirmation 14 produces an instant psychological response in men… who see you as intensely interesting, sexy, and desirable… a vault he's eager to unlock — at any cost — because he can't wait to see what's on the other side.
  • PLUS: Use affirmation 15 to make men obsess about you all the time… He WORRIES about you, what you're thinking, how you're feeling, wondering if he is doing a good job… It makes him invent new ways to charm you and make you like him, HOPING you'll eventually allow him to date you.
  • The single most important belief to make men RESPECT you… The rule within affirmation 16 ensures men you date treat you with the respect, kindness and honesty you deserve — or suffer the consequences.
  • Do you want men to cherish you like a drop of water in the desert? Then employ affirmation 17 and see how men VALUE you more (and treat you better) than any other woman they've ever dated… Have him listen to you, remember your words, remember important dates, always be on time and make time for you, plan things in advance with you and make you a PRIORITY in his life.
  • The key to building a meaningful relationship with a man… This rule protects you from making all those relationship-killing mistakes or rushing into a relationship with lust instead of logic. Use this one to never lose your mind again or get caught up in a toxic relationship.
  • NEVER AGAIN worry about his text messages or what you'll text or say on a call… Affirmation 23 puts you in a relaxing atmosphere and state of mind during those important early stages of dating and keeps men eager to please you.
  • Do men pull away or “go cold” with you? Not anymore! The rule within affirmation 25 KEEPS men very interested in you… calling, texting, and chasing… You will easily remain an object of his desire, interest and passion long past the “honeymoon phase” of your relationship.
  • Affirmation 26 sets your love up for success and health from the get-go… It will ensure that you have his full attention, that he brings you into his life and opens up emotionally… all because this one simple belief makes him naturally respect, value and SEE you as a potential long-term life partner.
  • If you're having trouble getting past the first few dates with a guy (and still having him chase you)… then you'll be absolutely blown away by what affirmations 27 through 32 will do for you. Stop worrying about dates since they'll automatically follow a proven-to-work structure that leads to a serious relationship with a qualified guy.
  • The “HARD LINE” rule that SAVES you from dating the wrong guy… even when you're too busy or love-struck to notice. Affirmation 33 will simply eliminate men who are not really serious about you and are just fooling around, playing games. This one rule alone can SAVE you from spending years in a dead-end relationship or marriage.
  • Why men “go cold” or lose interest after a few months of dating… Affirmation 34 uses a little-known trick that keeps him very interested in you throughout this tricky phase… and it works while you sit back and relax.
  • What NEVER to do if you want a long-term relationship… It's probably the BIGGEST mistake women make, triggering “commitment phobia” in a man who never had it before. Affirmation 35 prevents you from making this mistake again while at the same time… speeding up his desire to tell the whole world you're HIS GIRLFRIEND.
  • Not sure when it's the right time to sleep with him? If more women followed this single rule, they'd get proposed to at least 3 times faster than they do now (if they ever do). Affirmation 38 ensures men not only respect and value you more but also makes them ENJOY intimacy with you on an entirely new level… without crazy sex poses, dirty phrases, or feeling cheap.
  • Would you like to look your best AND feel amazing… without the hard work? A tiny little affirmation allows you to nurture and care of yourself both physically and mentally without the long hours and money usually associated with “being hot.” This will also get men to see you as super sexy.
  • The single most effective way to protect yourself from dating and falling in love with the wrong guy… The easiest way to SHIELD your heart from men who only want to use you and play games, and men who are not serious or interested enough in you to stay around. Use this rule with affirmation 40.
  • What makes him OPEN up about himself, reveal intimate details and do more of the talking on a date? Simply use the power of affirmation 42. At the same time, this little trick gets HIM worried about impressing you… It's fun to see men convince themselves how much they like you.
  • How one simple belief makes men CHASE YOU while you don't have to think about a word you say… Use affirmation 44 to keep men curious, intrigued and excited about you while you barely lift a finger.
  • The single most powerful “feature” about you that makes men fall in love with you… and WANT a relationship with you because of the sexy, uplifting energy you vibrate… with your eyes, smile, and words. If there's one "quality" men desire in a woman and long-term partner, it's unlocked with affirmation 45.
  • The Fastest Way To Get A Big Fat Diamond Ring… from a qualified guy, without pushing or forcing him into marrying you. The technique in affirmation 46 is what smart women use to get proposals in less than a year of serious dating.
  • Avoid the little-known mistake that keeps young women single or in uncommitted relationships far too long… wasting the best years of their lives and ruining their chances of ever getting proposed to… by an otherwise fine man.
  • The type of men to avoid like the plague… Unless you want to be miserable, heartbroken and unhappy, I suggest you use the rule in affirmation 49 to attract a man who's actually worth your time.
  • The dating mistake that makes men PANIC and RUN from an otherwise compatible relationship that could have been successful… but got stopped dead in its tracks by a fatal mistake… Fortunately, it can easily be bypassed using affirmation 50.
  • Tired of settling for “good enough”? No more! Your soulmate is out there, and he'll find you. Never settle for good enough again. Use affirmation 52 to open the door for his arrival while fearlessly rejecting every man your gut-instinct tells you is not the one for you.
  • Do you want men to WORSHIP you like a drop of water in the desert? The truth is there's a simple way to do it. With just one simple belief, men will be treating you like a QUEEN… No wonder women using affirmation 54 are shocked how well it works. You'll only wish you had this one sooner.
  • The quickest way to manifest your dream man into your life… Use affirmation 55 to draw him to you from the most unexpected of places. Suddenly see a flood of good men stumbling into you, asking for your number, hoping you'll say "yes" to dates.
  • Use affirmation 56 to remove all stress from your dating life… once and for all. Stop wasting time, energy or feelings on men who don't deserve your attention. Dating becomes a ride you enjoy with a sure and clear path to the wedding aisle.
  • Clear the path for Mr. Right to walk into your life and sweep you off your feet…  Affirmations 57 and 58 help you do some “house cleaning” to make landing “The One” possible … without you breaking a sweat or shedding a single tear in the process.
  • Don't let past disappointments or failures affect the happiness and love coming your way… Affirmation 59 teaches you to accept the abundance of love coming your way and not allow your past to dictate your future.
  • Probably the most life-changing belief… Affirmation 61 alone has more power to positively influence your love life than any other. Never again be stuck in a dead-end relationship, prevent cheating, and never again fall for, or waste time on, a man who does not deserve you. This one belief alone protects your relationship and the commitment he has for you more than any other. If you never want to be heartbroken again and are ready to experience TRUE love, this one's for you.
  • Do you get overly emotional in love and act before you think? Do you rush into relationships too quickly? Do you fall in love while ignoring all the “red flags” on the way only to have your heart broken…? Use affirmation 62 to STOP before it's too late…
  • Use affirmation 67 and men will LOVE being with you. This is the simple little thing that makes men shine, yet very few women use it. In just a few words, you can make any man GLOW when he's around you. It's also the quickest way to make him attracted to you.
  • The secret of successfully married women with happy husbands… This one rule alone makes you IRRESISTIBLY SEXY to men, and it has nothing to do with how you look — it's all in how you make a man feel. It is magnetically attractive. And it is also what makes men enjoy being in a long-term relationship with you — affirmation 69.
  • In only 17 minutes per day, you can have a man loving being married to you (or rushing to get you your ring and beg for your commitment). Use the rule in affirmation 70, and a happily married man is nearly guaranteed.
  • Do you want to have MORE of the GOOD STUFF in your life, love and relationship? Affirmation 71 multiplies whatever you desire to have… and works like magic. Every single time. PLUS: men love it and appreciate you for it!
  • Why do some women enjoy long-lasting, happy relationships while others struggle, fight, argue and eventually split up miserable? Use the incredible powers of affirmations 72 and 73, and you'll open the doors for a happily-ever-after love story, too.
  • And dozens upon dozens more powerful affirmations that help you ATTRACT the right man into your life and KEEP him… and finally enjoy the kind of relationship women who don't know may only dream about…

It's time to join the ranks of happily married women. This system is their secret.

As crazy as this sounds… Relationship Manifestation will forever change your love life. The only one you have.

It's that powerful because it “reprograms” your old, limiting and flawed dating mindset… and replaces it with one that is proven to work, time and time again. This new set of beliefs is “planted” deep into your subconscious mind. This means that these new beliefs work below the surface and around the clock — without you having to think about them on a conscious level.

Imagine going on a date and saying all the right things…

Imagine doing the right things to set your relationship up for success…

Without having to overthink or worry about if what you say or do is doing you good.

It all happens automatically when the seeds of love are planted. Your mind sends all the correct messages to the Universe and to men… and that's how it manifests not only the right man but also the right relationship into your life.

The only thing you need to do is listen to this guided meditation twice a day (once when you wake up in the morning and once before you go to sleep at night). Do this for at least 30 days and SEE THE POWER of Relationship Manifestation unfold right in front of your very eyes.

Just like thousands of other women have before you.

Relationship Manifestation is the ONLY system that effectively removes your flawed dating mindset and replaces it with one that is proven to ATTRACT AND KEEP the right man and the right relationship into your life… for you.

The means are now available. The choice is yours.

You can continue living with a flawed dating mindset with all the TOXIC beliefs the modern dating world has dumped into your head… a mindset that controls you and is responsible for those relationship-killing mistakes you keep repeating. The rigged belief system that makes men…

  • Leave
  • Cheat
  • Lose interest

You can settle for “good enough”…

Or you can finally seize control of your beliefs. Naturally become a MAGNET for men… using the incredible power of your subconscious mind...

Put it to work for you today and rewrite the story of your love life once and for all.

I can't wait to hear your success stories and experiences, and I hope it'll be similar to the feedback I have received thus far. It has been nothing short of amazing.

Here's a recent letter I got from Carrie . . .

How “Relationship Manifestation” Saved Her Marriage

After 1 week of listening

“I am really liking the difference male friends are showing me. But I won’t get to see how my husband reacts until I get home next Thursday. But I’m seeing a difference in his calls and text. Thank you for doing this.”

After 30 days of listening

“Anna, my husband and I are closer than ever. We’re actually enjoying being together again and doing things for each other without being asked. Thank you so much. We had been heading for divorce.” — Carrie

Isn't that fabulous? 

Especially considering that their marriage was falling apart and they have a toddler together. This didn't just save a troubled couple but also perhaps the emotional and psychological development of a child. Nothing could make me happier.

Now, you might wonder how you can get ahold of Relationship Manifestation and how much a system like this might cost.

“Anna, what's the price?” I can already hear you asking…

If you've read this far, I'm sure you're eager to get started immediately… and might be wondering about the cost.

I'll be happy to give you access in a moment, but let me ask you first:

What is it worth to you to never have to chase men again?

To never have to worry about love again… or think about men?

What is it worth to you to never kiss frogs again… and instead finally attract the right guy into your life?

A guy you won't have to worry about because your subconscious makes all the right moves for you.

What is it worth to never experience the pain… heartache… disappointment?

What is it worth to stop worrying about men and instead, begin enjoying your life with the love of your life…

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your DREAM relationship. I am offering you THAT reality.

That's exactly why it's hard to put a price on this. It is indeed priceless.

And then again, think of paying $38,000… the average wedding that ends in divorce like Marie's… or $20,000 just to cover the costs of divorce. Yes, those are averages. Therapy, counseling… lawyers. For many, it's much more.

As if having her heart broken and telling her family it was over wasn't enough for Marie.

What if she'd had this system BEFORE… way before she even said "yes"? Way before she even went on their first date?

It would have changed the love story of her life.

And I'm not showing you these statistics to scare you but to warn you — as I would any good friend. The true cost of an unhappy relationship is far more than just hurt feelings or packing your bags.

Save yourself from emotional turmoil AND financial burden simply by attracting the right guy to begin with — and learn exactly how to keep him… for life.

So yes, your marriage may very well be happily ever after, just as we have been promised since we were little girls. Dreams can come true, after all.

And THAT is the true value of Relationship Manifestation — it is what makes it priceless.

That is why I know I could charge a fortune for this. And people would happily pay.

After all, many women put down $2,000 for “relationship coaches” and get little or nothing out of it. Many try therapy.

But of course I won't charge you nearly as much. I won't even charge you $1,000…

Instead… I'll give you an offer you can't refuse.

To make sure your transition to love is even FASTER, I've created a few premium bonuses for you.

These don't only speed things up but also easily DOUBLE your manifestation power…

Premium Bonus #1: Relationship Manifestation Workbook (valued at $97, yours free)

DISCLAIMER: Relationship Manifestation is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only. 

This 110-page workbook helps you journal your feelings and build a kind of bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind.

This workbook is designed to ingrain each and every rule in affirmation-form deep into your belief system. It helps you feel and visualize each affirmation in a new dimension of depth… reflecting on each idea and gaining a new understanding of why and how this new system will bring an abundance of love into your world.

Each of 100 rules in affirmation-form is explained so you may grasp its true meaning and purpose. This understanding adds an extra layer of impact because you now know why a certain belief is so beneficial to your love life and personal satisfaction.

Each affirmation is print-ready so you may hand-copy it for added depth, speed and impact… PLUS, you may journal your thoughts, feelings, and ideas and tailor it to your current relationship situation. You may focus your mind to attract exactly what you desire right now.

Whether it is a new relationship with a man you did not meet yet, or to attract a certain man in your life who you already know… or even, to manifest your ex back into your life, as I have. Only this time – you'll have all the rules and tools you need to build a solid, healthy foundation for long-lasting romance.

This is a 30-day program. I promise that if you honestly commit to listening to the Relationship Manifestation guided manifestation audio, PLUS actively journal your feelings, reflect on and hand copy affirmations in this workbook edition… you WILL manifest the perfect relationship into your life!

You will open the doors of love… and finally experience the relationship you truly deserve. Everyone does.

Premium Bonus #2: “Visual Surround System” (valued at $97, yours free)

DISCLAIMER: Relationship Manifestation is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only. You may print these or use on your mobile or desktop device.

The surest way to attract what you desire is to surround yourself with those things. If you desire a perfect relationship and an abundance of love… this is what you must surround yourself with.

Even the Bible says, “For to the one who has, more will be given, and he will have an abundance, but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away”… and this simple truth is recognized and trusted by dozens of religions, ancient scripts and schools of thought.

That is why I worked with a graphic designer… to turn the rules and affirmations within Relationship Manifestation into beautiful and inspiring artwork and illustrations that are "print-ready"… and also mobile and computer-screen ready.

This means you can (and you should) actually, literally surround yourself with love messages. Messages of abundance. Messages that ATTRACT more of what you desire into your life, every day, every hour.

As a free bonus, you will receive "screen savers" as backgrounds for your phone (the average American checks his or her phone 80 times per day, once every 12 minutes during their waking hours… that's 3.3 hours per day on average looking at a phone).

This means that instead of using your phone as a distraction center, you'll actually have it work for you in a positive way… a Tool reminding you every time you look at it (and that's often).

Every time you look at your phone, you will remind yourself on a deeper level what it is that you DO want (not what you do not).

Every time you look at your phone, you will feel a POSITIVE emotion and tune the Universe in to your desires…

And did you know that, according to recent articles in Forbes and PC Magazine, the average American spends 8.5 hours per day looking at a computer screen?

Quite shocking! But unfortunately, this is the new normal when you work in an office environment… but what if you can use some of this time for yourself…?

Instead of letting your "screen time" wreak havoc on your personal and love life… as it does for so many others… turn your computer into a tool for Manifestation.

I've prepared 10 of my most powerful rule-affirmations, designed for your phone and computer to program this new set of beliefs about love and relationships deep within your subconscious mind…

Helping you attract the perfect relationship even faster and easier…

PLUS, you may print these, as well, and SURROUND yourself with messages of love and abundance… but not just any messages. Not just wishful thinking. No.

These are hand-picked and derived from the rules, making sure that you make all the right moves and avoid all those relationship-killing mistakes most women make.

These affirmations of love won't just make you feel better but will actually work for you in the background… to remind you time and time again until this new belief system of love is fully programmed into your subconscious mind.

Surround yourself with these messages just like successful people do. Visualize your successful relationship wherever you turn… Put one on your fridge, hang another on your mirror as you prepare for your date with that brand-new guy…

Have one in your wardrobe and another on your door to remind yourself as you step out into the world… the right men will flock to you and you may pick and choose the one you like most.

This is like tuning into the right frequency on the radio… You're tuning your mind and attracting an abundance of love wherever you look. You continually remind yourself and surround yourself with this new formula of love and see it unfold right in front of you, each and every day.

It may sound silly, but it works like magic.

I give you these color designs free of charge… for your phone, computer and walls in the tangible world, so you may print them out and let them do their magic for you.

So there you have it… When you decide to order the Relationship Manifestation love system today, you'll also receive FREE access to the 110-page Workbook AND designed Illustrations to visually surround yourself and tune into the frequency of love and abundance…

Effectively making the Universe work for you, bringing the right man and the right relationship to your doorstep.

DISCLAIMER: Relationship Manifestation is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

The actual value of what this package does for you is priceless.

Having ONLY ONE belief “programmed” into your subconscious mind could change your love life forever. Imagine what 100 of these will do for you.

Considering the bonuses included, it would be sensible to charge at least $997 for the package, and it would still be worth it…

But while I could charge that and more (since there's nothing else like it out there), I do not want money to stand in the way of true love.

I already live a life of abundance. Spiritual, financial and romantic. Whether you make a purchase today or not makes no difference to me whatsoever.

Then again, I also cannot give all this away free of charge.

Not only because I have invested thousands of dollars myself and years of research to develop it, but because you would not value it — and therefore would not use it.

It works like magic only if you actually use it (and I'll tell you how simple I made it for you in a moment).

You see…

Inside the Relationship Manifestation program, you will learn a lot about the word VALUE and how important it is for your love life and your relationships.

Without value, you cannot experience true love with a man.

You will learn that men do not and cannot value what they did not earn, what they did not work for, what they did not pay for with their time, energy, and yes… money.

You will learn that men cannot value what does not value itself. And what they do not value, they do not use. They do not care for. They let go.

You will learn that the only way men can get what they really want is to "put their money where their mouth is" and thus exchange energy in this form, proving their commitment to your relationship.

THIS is what I require from you today.

Are you committed to your love life?

Do you REALLY want to attract the right man into your life and keep him?

Are you ready to take fate into your own hands and rewrite the love story of your life?

…or are you just fooling around?

… or would you rather be a victim of circumstance, having the sympathy of your friends, family and yourself… feeling sorry for you?

It's your decision.

I know from experience that only when people invest are they ready to experience real change — true transformation — in their lives.

Only then are they committed to actually using and following through. Only then do they value the transformation they have invested in.

That is why I must charge you something, yet I refuse to charge you the true value you will receive. The means are available; the decision… is yours.

So to make Relationship Manifestation accessible to everyone, but also ensure it is used by everyone who decides to invest in their transformation… today I will charge only a one-time fee of $19.95 for the entire program.

Note: The regular price of the program is $97. But for a short time I am giving you this crazy 80% discount when you decide to order today.

I believe your love life is worth more than that.

And this will actually make a difference unlike anything else.

Plus, all the work is done for you.

Barely any actual work is required on your part.

Here's all you need to do to make Relationship Manifestation work for you:

  • Listen to the Relationship Manifestation core audio program twice a day (morning and night) to remove your current flawed dating mindset and replace it with a new belief system that is proven to attract real love into your life.
  • Write (optional) a few sentences from the Workbook to reflect on these ideas, speed up the process and add extra depth to each rule-affirmation.
  • Surround (optional) yourself with the right messages and boost each idea's effectiveness when it comes to “reprogramming” your mind and communicating all the right messages to men and the Universe.

That's it. It's easy, and 99.99% of the actual work is “done for you” by the careful selection and design of each sound, word and rule we program into your subconscious mind.

If you follow these 3 simple steps… I GUARANTEE you will see a REAL DIFFERENCE in your love life within just 30 days — or less.

And if you continue listening to the core program after 30 days, writing in the workbook, and surrounding yourself with the right messages of love, you will not only manifest the perfect man and the perfect relationship into your life… you will also know exactly what to do… and do it… to keep love, romance and intimacy for a lifetime.

And To Show You How Serious I AM About Your Success… I will go a step further and personally remove all risk for you.

Manifest The Perfect Relationship Into Your Life… Or Your Money Back!

Now, I hope you agree this is a very bold guarantee and a very BIG promise.

But that is how confident I am in this program. It works. And that is why I am able to make such an incredible guarantee — effectively making this a no-brainer, risk-free deal for you. You have everything to gain and nothing to risk.

It simply cannot not work. Manifestation is real. Millions of people use it every day. The Rules are time-tested, proven to work… again and again for decades.

Thousands of women have used them with success. But thousands more failed to put them into action… That is what makes Relationship Manifestation so special. It combines two winning concepts and DOUBLES their effectiveness in a brand-new system: a formula for love that anyone can use to attract true love into their life.

And that is exactly why I can afford to take all risk off of your shoulders and make this as easy as possible for you.

This is how it works… Order the Relationship Manifestation program today — take all the valuable bonuses — listen, write and surround yourself with these… commit to using the system for 30 days. And see its magic unfold in your life, too.

In the unlikely event that it does not work for you… simply email me within 60 days, send me your order number, and I'll refund your purchase. No questions asked.

I know some people will take advantage of this. And that's okay. No hard feelings. But I trust you, and I believe in you, and I want you to be fully confident in your purchase. I want you to feel sure about this.

ALL I ask is that you give it a fair try. Sounds fair enough?

30 days from now, your life could be completely different.

And I give you not one but TWO entire months to test-drive the program… I know you're busy, you might skip a day or two, you might procrastinate a bit here and there. That's why I'll give you the extra time to put this into gear.

And experience an entirely new reality… an abundance of love in your life.

Why 30 days, you might ask? Well, that's usually how long it takes for Relationship Manifestation to reprogram your flawed dating mindset. And that's pretty quick, considering it took a lifetime to develop your current belief system.

30 days is also how long it takes for the Universe to pick up on your messages… for all the right opportunities to present themselves and for you to be ready to recognize and accept them.

It's usually how long it takes for you to SEE results. Something tangible…

Maybe you'll meet a new guy, or that guy you like at the office will finally ask you out on a date, or you'll see real progress in your existing relationship.
But I give you a 100% and 60-day money-back guarantee just so you have the extra time to experience its magic. Of course, it's yours to keep — even in the unlikely event that you are not absolutely happy with your decision.

The bottom line: the ONLY way Relationship Manifestation can fail is if you fail to use it.

And there is no excuse for not using it because all it takes is 17 minutes twice a day. That's ideal. But you can even skip a day here or there.

It's that easy.

If you have 17 minutes per day, then you can transform your love life… Forever.

So how do you get started?

Simply click the "Add to Cart" button below to go to the secure checkout page. As soon as you complete your order there, you will receive instant access to the entire Relationship Manifestation program on the following page.

It doesn't matter whether it's 2 p.m. or 2 a.m. on a Sunday, whether you're in the US, New Zealand or South Africa… I made this all available in convenient electronic format so you have nothing to wait for and can start immediately. Yes, you can begin manifesting your perfect relationship 5 minutes from now.

You've seen how a flawed dating mindset is causing one relationship-killing mistake after another.

You've seen how modern dating culture is rigged against you and how society has been planting toxic beliefs in your mind since you were a child.

Then you've seen how Relationship Manifestation works and what it can do for you… as it has for others.

It is THE ONLY way to effectively “reprogram” your flawed dating mindset and replace it with a new belief system… one that manifests the right man into your life AND equips you with proven-to-work relationship rules… ensuring a lasting, committed relationship with a man who values, respects and loves you for who you are.

And you've seen how easy it is to put it into action…

You've seen how quickly you can expect to see and experience tangible results in 30 days or less…

You've seen what kind of incredible value I am offering at such a low price.

And you've seen my no-risk, 100% guarantee… so the only way to fail is to fail giving it a fair try.

What happens next is entirely up to you… it is time for a decision.

This decision I cannot make for you.

The Way I See It, You Have Three Options

Option #1: do absolutely nothing and stay exactly where you are right now.

If you are already in a happy relationship with a man who loves and values you, and you're not worried about finding your soulmate or the longevity and stability of your love… then perhaps you don't need Relationship Manifestation.

Maybe this isn't really for you.

You can continue living with a flawed dating mindset… continue dating the same kind of men and just settle for the type of relationships you've had thus far. Perhaps you'll get “lucky” one day.

But if you're still single and tired of going from one dead-end relationship to another… or if you're not happy with the level of commitment and love you experience in the relationship you're in right now… that leaves you with two other options.

Option #2: do it yourself.

You can learn all there is about manifestation, neurolinguistic-programming and male psychology, then study and memorize each and every rule from The Rules…

Then try to put these into action manually by continually drilling a set of controversial dating concepts — mostly opposite from all you believe is true — consciously into your mind until you hopefully internalize them, so they may become subconscious.

Or develop the willpower to stick to the rules no matter what, even when emotions are running high, when the rules are most needed… but hardest to follow.

It will take you some time, but perhaps you're one of those women with military discipline, and you really can do it yourself. I admire you.

If you're willing to work hard, analyze and get rid of flawed beliefs while deliberately practicing these new beliefs until you change them for good, you might be able to pull it off.

Option #3: let me do the heavy lifting for you.

I'll give you Relationship Manifestation and let it work for you.

It removes your old, flawed dating mindset and replaces it with a proven-to-work, rule-based set of beliefs about men, love and relationships.

It's designed in a way that directly taps into your subconscious, effectively re-programming your mind once and for all.

These new beliefs then work automatically below the surface, around the clock — attracting the right man and building a relationship that can last… for you.

I have already read all the books and scripts on manifestation.

I have already used and taught the rules to hundreds of my clients and know which ones are the best and how and why they work.

I have already hired a certified hypnotherapist and Master of NLP to develop a system that plants these seeds of love directly into your subconscious mind.

It is all done and set up for you.

All you need to do is listen to the guided meditation twice a day and (to speed things up) write in the workbook or surround yourself with the right messages.

It's less than 20 minutes per day, and you'll love every second of it. It doesn't feel like “work” of any kind, rather a relaxation…

Every time you listen to it, you'll feel happy, confident and full of positive energy. No work or effort whatsoever.

Think of it like mental detox. Out with the bad, in with the good.

Do this for a few weeks…

And otherwise, change nothing else. Simply continue doing whatever you normally do.

Then see how the magic of manifestation starts to unfold in your life… in 30 days or less.

See how men suddenly treat you differently than before. When the right man pops up (and he will), you will simply know exactly what to do to develop a lasting connection.

Of these three options, ask yourself…

What's Going To Be Easier For You?

You see… there are two types of women in this world:

Those who only dream about having a fantastic relationship with a great guy, without taking any action to make it happen…

And those who are ready to take action when the opportunity presents itself.

Most women will tell you they want a successful marriage and committed relationship.

But we both know very few actually make it happen.

It's natural with the flawed dating mindset society has brainwashed us with…

Most women will never escape it and will simply continue dreaming, going from one disappointment to another…

While the few who are actually serious about their relationships and the future of their love lives will take action.

Since you've read this far into my letter, I believe you are one of the few who will…

If I'm right and you're still with me…

I'm ready to send you the Relationship Manifestation program so you can begin transforming your love life… once and for all.

The perfect relationship is waiting for you.

Only you can decide.

P.S. Remember Marie? From the beginning of our story… I almost forgot to tell you what happened to her after her ex-fiancé left and she came to me for guidance.

She was among the first clients I gave this program to.

She used it to overcome her pain and renew her faith in love. She recognized her mistakes and pledged to reprogram her mindset.

Only a few months later, Marie didn't only bounce back emotionally… but she also met a new man. She opened herself up emotionally and attracted a great guy. But this time, she knew how to do things differently.

She didn't make the same mistakes she had made in the past with other men in her life.

In less than a year, she got a ring — bigger and brighter than the one before.

Now it finally made sense why all those wrong men walked out of her life. It was to create space for real love.

They're expecting a baby girl in a few months… the crown of their love. And I couldn't be happier or prouder of her. Marie rewrote the story of her love life simply by putting her mind to work for her.

This potential was always there. She just needed a key to activate it and tap into the incredible power of her subconscious.

At last, I finally had something real to give my clients, when astrology had no answer… Relationship Manifestation could jump in and save their love lives. And my integrity.

It was the answer they were looking for.

So I didn't have to feel like a fraud ever again. And I could continue doing what I love most… helping others find true love.

After all, what is more rewarding than connecting two souls and creating new life… together?

I am happy if I am at least partly responsible for her success. And I live to have more and more of these stories to share each day. Hopefully, yours is next.

Readers kept asking about it, and while I was a bit skeptical to release this program to the public, afraid it might compete against my astrology practice, I just couldn't keep it a secret any longer.

Today, I decided to make it available to everyone and spread vibrations of love across the Universe.

Your soulmate is out there, waiting for you… to call the Universe and ‘order’ him to you. What happens next is up to you.

See you soon,

your sister & love coach,

Anna Kovach

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